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1st & 2nd June 2024

Astle Park, Chelford, Cheshire, SK11 9AD

1st & 2nd June 2024

Astle Park, Chelford, Cheshire, SK11 9AD


The event is held in the stunning parkland at Astle Park, located between Knutsford and Macclesfield, near Chelford.

This excellent location provides the ideal opportunity to experience all the countryside has to offer, with a vast array of country sports including scurry driving, falconry, gun dog scurries, heavy horses (Sunday only) and much more. There will be a variety of ‘have-a-go’ opportunities to enjoy, fine foods and animals and it’s not just for country sports enthusiasts but all the family to enjoy throughout the weekend.

Whatever your age or experience, this event offers the opportunity to discover and learn about country sports and pursuits, all under the guidance of leading experts within their particular field.

Astle Park Country Fair also showcases a vintage vehicle area featuring displays of cars, commercials, fire engines and military vehicles (including tanks). Complementing this are displays of traction engines, tractors and working displays.

The event will also include trade stands, autojumble, craft and fine food marquee, old time fun fair, non-stop arena entertainment, catering and licensed bar.

Why not make a weekend of it and camp onsite. Prebooked camping is available from midday Friday through until 10am Monday. A limited number of electric hook-up pitches are available – book now to avoid disappointment!


British Scurry and Trials Driving

British Scurry and Trials Driving brings ‘The Arena Driving Challenge’.

A fast-paced carriage driving sport offering family entertainment at its thrilling best. Watch drivers skillfully negotiate their ponies and carriages around an obstacle course all against the clock. The BSTD is a National club and some of the best drivers from all around the country will be attending to try to be the Show Champion.

Marvel at the talented drivers, the bravery of the grooms and the agility of the ponies as they compete around a timed obstacle course. The audience will be encouraged to cheer their favourite ponies on and all shapes and sizes of ponies will race against one another; from tiny miniature Shetlands to the larger native breeds.

Please visit to read show reports and see lots of photos of the competitors and their daredevil ponies.

Gundog Scurries

Gundog Scurry organised by James and Davina of Jixenwell Gundogs.

James and Davina have been professionally training dogs for the past 8 years through their parent company Walkabout Hounds Dog Training Centre in Leeds. James has been training gundogs for the field and working tests for the past 25 years.

The scurries this year will feature land retrieves. Available for all abilities to have a go, from the dedicated Gundog Enthusiast to the complete beginner who needs a guiding understanding hand to become the future of the Gundog World.

Enter on the day
Entry Fees: First Run (includes all retrieves) £5, Subsequent Runs £3.50

Prizes for the Top 3 winners including Rosettes, a Trophy and prizes supplied by Jixenwell’s sponsors Gilbertson and Page Ltd and Sporting Saint Ltd.

Flycasting with Hywel Morgan

Having successfully competed for over 15 years in World and European casting competitions, Hywel has developed a keen eye for casting techniques and can iron out any faults you might have. His one-to-one half day casting clinics are proving very popular – the lesson is tailored to your requirements, whether it be single or double haul, single and double spey casting or, Hywel’s speciality, distance casting (where his personal best is over 80 metres).

Hywel is regularly asked to coach top casters who are preparing for an upcoming championship – so if you are a bank angler who wants those extra few yards, take a tip from the champions and book a lesson with Hywel!

If you have never tried flyfishing before then you can learn the basic casting technique in just a few hours. When you’re finished you’ll be a competent caster and have a working knowledge of all the tackle you need to start fishing on your own.

Perhaps you’ve already started and are having trouble with your casting… or maybe you’re baffled by terms like ‘single and double haul’, ‘snake rolls’ and ‘single and double spey’. Hywel will gear your lesson towards your specific needs. Whether it’s just the basic cast or distance casting, your lesson will cover it (and more) and will be conducted in a relaxed and enjoyable manner.

Terrier Show

Organiser: N.L.& R,C

Further information Tel: 07939 336866

Designated Car Park for Lurcher and Terrier Events

Time: 1pm on each day, Enter on the Day:

Best Terrier Puppy

Best Jack Russell Terrier

Best Lakeland Terrier

Best Border Terrier

Best Fell/Patterdale Terrier

Best Crossbred Terrier

Best other type Terrier

Reserve Champion Terrier

Best Bull Terrier

Champion Terrier

Trophies for each Show Champion – Rosettes to 3rd place for all classes

Lurcher Racing and Coursing

Organiser: Apache Racing

Further Information Tel: 07526 224493 or 07452 998799

Designated Car Park for Lurcher and Terrier Events

Time: Entries taken from 8.30am, Racing starts at 9am on each day, Enter on the Day:

Simulated Coursing Champion

Simulated Coursing Reserve Champion

Under 23in Straight Racing Champion

Over 23in Straight Racing Champion

Puppy Racing Champion

Hurdles Racing Champion

Trophies for each Show Champion – Rosettes to 3rd place for all classes

Fun Dog Show

Organiser: Cheshire K9 Training

Enter on the Day

Pedigree & Non-Pedigree – Novelty & Fun Classes

Fun Dog Shows Starts at 1pm

1.   Best pedigree dog
2.   Best pedigree bitch
3.   Best pedigree puppy (up to 18 months old)
4.   Best crossbreed
5.   Best rescue
6.   Best young handler (up to the age of 16)
7.   Waggiest tail
8.   Prettiest eyes
9.   Best trick
10. Best In show (chosen from all the winners from the above classes)

Rosettes to Third Place for all Classes

Leopolds Liberty Ponies

Leopolds Miniature Shetland Liberty Troupe will be joining us this year performing with their group of six ‘minis’ working both together as a team and independently.  Their skilful display is a firm favourite amongst arena attractions and is presented in a circus-style manner, enjoyed by all.

These beautiful ponies showcase their amazing tricks and each one has its own unique little personalities and characteristics which come to light as they are all kept in sequence by their extremely talented ‘Ringmaster’, who will be providing a running commentary throughout the performances.  This troupe of charming little Shetlands are well worth a visit to one of their displays over the course of the weekend.

Children's Sand Art Workshops

Sand Art is an experience, rather than just a product. We provide a fun and exciting way to entertain both children and adults. With our SandArtNW activity stations, children get hands on to create amazing pictures with brightly coloured sand. We then put the finished picture in a sleeve and the participant can take it home with them.

SandArtNW picture workshops are entertaining, educational, and inspiring whilst they encourage creativity, imagination, concentration, artistic abilities and also help to develop fine motor skills. SandArtNW picture workshops are fully inclusive and are especially suitable for children with disabilities and special needs to enjoy an activity alongside everyone else.

Air Rifle Range

Organised by Erik Aaron Shooting.

A field target range for all ages.

Axe Throwing

Have-a-go Axe Throwing range.  See how close you can get to the bulls eye on the target.

Entry Fee: £5 for 10 throws.

Lurcher Show

Organiser: N.L.& R,C

Further information Tel: 07939 336866

Designated Car Park for Lurcher and Terrier Events

Time: 12.30pm each day, Enter on the Day:

Lurcher Show Schedule

1. Rescue Class
2. Junior Handler Under 10 years
3. Junior Handler 10 years to 15 years

Junior Handler Championship – Winners of Class 2 & 3

4. Veteran Lurcher (Over 7 Years)
5. NL&RC Members
6. Sapling Class
7. Any sized Working Lurcher that can catch a rabbit
8. Any Bull Cross Lurcher
9. Any Pure-Bred Sight-hound
10. Any Collie Cross Lurcher
11. Any Bedlington Cross Lurcher
12. Longdogs
13. Lurcher Pairs

14. Dog Puppy
15. Bitch Puppy

Puppy Championship – Winners of Classes 14 & 15

16. Rabbiting Class – Dog 21” and under
17. Rabbiting Class – Bitch 21” and under
18. Smooth Dog Over 21” to Under 23”
19. Smooth Bitch Over 21” to Under 23”
20. Rough Dog Over 21” to Under 23”
21. Rough Bitch Over 21” to Under 23”
22. Smooth Dog Over 23” to under 26”
23. Smooth Bitch Over 23” to under 26”
24. Rough Dog Over 23” to under 26”
25. Rough Bitch Over 23” to under 26”
26. Dog 26” and Over
27. Bitch 26” and Over

Championship – Winners of Classes 16 – 27

The NL&RC reserve the right to cancel, split or amalgamate classes. All
entries are at the owners own risk. The Judge’s decision is final. The NL&RC
take no responsibility for any loss, accident or injury to any person, animal or
property, before, during or after the event.

Owl Adventures

See amazing flying shows and static displays from Owl Adventures, featuring majestic birds of prey that will entertain and stimulate, while at the same time encouraging audience participation.

The performance is unique and packed with expertise, showmanship and laughter to create an unmissable show.

Also visit the Jungle Animal Encounter to see exotic creatures and hold creepy millipedes and scaly lizards amongst other jungle critters!  There will be two presentations each day.

Terrier Racing

Organiser: Apache Racing

Further Information Tel: 07526 224493 or 07452 998799.

Designated Car Park for Lurcher and Terrier Events

Time: 9am on each day, Enter on the Day:

Terrier Racing Champion

Trophies for Champion – Rosettes to 3rd place


Organised by Erik Aaron Shooting. A professional archery stand run by qualified GNAS instructors on a have-a-go basis.

Entry Fee: £5 for 10 arrows.

Heavy Horse Show (Sunday only)

Classes 1 – 7 and Championship to be judged by: Mr Jim Yates, Farnah House Farm, Derby.

For an entry form please visit the ‘exhibit/show with us’ section of the website. FREE entry to all classes.


CLASS 1 – Barren mare or gelding 3 years old or over

Prize Money: 1st = £50, 2nd = £30, 3rd = £15

Rosettes: 1st – 3rd

CLASS 2 – Two year old filly or gelding

Prize Money: 1st = £50, 2nd = £30, 3rd = £15

Rosettes: 1st – 3rd

CLASS 3 – Yearling filly or colt

Prize Money: 1st = £50, 2nd = £30, 3rd = £15

Rosettes: 1st – 3rd

CLASS 4 – Mare with foal at foot

Prize Money: 1st = £50, 2nd = £30, 3rd = £15

Rosettes: 1st – 3rd

CLASS 5 – Foal from class 4

Prize Money: 1st = £50, 2nd = £30, 3rd = £15

Rosettes: 1st – 3rd

CLASS 6 – Stallion 3 years old or over

Prize Money: 1st = £50, 2nd = £30, 3rd = £15

Rosettes: 1st – 3rd

CLASS 7 – Farmers Turnout (Any Combination)

Prize Money: 1st = £100, 2nd = £50, 3rd = £30

Rosettes: 1st – 3rd


CHAMPIONSHIP – Winners of Classes 1, 2, 3, 4, & 6

Prize Money: 1st = £75, 2nd = £25

Rosettes: 1st Place and 2nd Place

Ferret Show & Racing

Organised by The British Ferret Club

The British Ferret Club originally formed to raise the profile of ferrets in the public eye and encourage best practice in the keeping of ferrets. This includes ferret health welfare, nutrition, breeding, working ferrets, keeping ferrets as pets and using ferrets for pest control.

The Club was established in 2000 by Jim Lawley and his partner Fran Lawley-Jenkins with the intention of bringing together people who regard ferrets with respect and affection. The British Ferret Club has been exceptionally successful having a membership that covers a huge area of the British Isles from the South Coast to the Scottish Borders.

The Club continues to evolve with more show dates than ever before, their website continues to grow with more information and help and the committee, with a huge amount of help from the membership, continue to drive things forward. Jim and Fran are still members of the committee, Jim’s new title is now Honorary President and Founder Member and Fran has become Honorary Founder and Committee Member. They will continue to act as a guiding hand in the ethos of the Club.

Although Jim and Fran are stepping down from the day-to-day running of the Club, they will still attend some of the shows and Jim will continue to judge when his family commitments allow him! Dealing with the day-to-day running of the Club is Andy Handley Chairman and Show Event Organiser and Zoe Davies Secretary and Treasurer.

British Ferret Club Show Classes Enter on the Day:

1.Dark polecat hob
2.Dark polecat jill
3.Polecat hob
4.Polecat jill
5.Albino hob
6.Albino jill
7.Sandy hob
8.Sandy jill
9.Silver hob
10.Silver jill
11.Coloured hob
12.Coloured jill
15.Working Pairs
16.Child handler
17.Special friend
18.Members Racing

Best in Show – class winners from 1-12

Organiser: Andy Handley Further Information Tel: 07818 844113

Honda Goldwings Light Parade

On Saturday night the Honda Goldwings Light Parade will be taking place at dusk in the Main Arena.

This select group of motorcycles and trikes is a not-to-be-missed display, featuring the brightest of neon lights and many equipped with state-of-the-art music systems.

These Goldwings are great to see, with riders and pillions getting in the spirit with a variety of weird and wonderful fancy dress costumes, all adding to the unique atmosphere before the magnificent firework display.

Static Displays of Birds of Prey

The displays include: owls, falcons, hawks, eagles and vultures.

All of the displays offer you the opportunity to hold one of these magnificent birds.

Reptile Display

The reptiles display will have snakes, lizards, tortoise, pygmy hedgehog, cockroaches, millipedes and land snails.  Members of public will also have the opportunity to handle some of these interesting reptiles.

Rural Crafts and Demonstrations

A number of rural craft demonstrators feature around the lakeside arena.  Including Leatherworkers, Willow Weavers, Bushcraft and a Blacksmith.

Vintage Tractor Display

Vintage and classic tractors on display from various manufacturers including John Deere, Massey Ferguson, Ford, David Brown, International, Leyland and Allis Chalmers plus others.  Together with the static display, the tractors take part in a main arena parade each day giving enthusiasts the opportunity to see them on the move.

Stationary Engines

Stationary engines are used to drive immobile machinery, such as pumps, generators, mills etc and a variety of these working engines will be on display. Some will have been made as early as 1900.

Working Displays

See demonstrations using a rack saw bench, drag saw, flour mill and threshing set. 

Also see the chainsaw carving, as works of art are created from a single piece of wood.

Vintage Commercial Display

Vintage commercial vehicle display including lorries, buses and fire engines from a variety of manufacturers; Dodge, Chevrolet, Bedford, ERF, Foden, Land Rover, Scammell and many more.  Exhibits will range from early 1920s to 1980 and will participate in main arena parades each day.

Vintage & Classic Car Display

Visit the Classic Car Section and see vintage and classic cars made from very early 1900 through to the 1970s, Wolseley, Rover, Morris, Jaguar, Austin, Buick, Chevrolet and many other makes including the very popular and the less well-known.  The cars also do a parade around the main arena each day.

Individual and Club entries welcome.

Military Display

A wide range of military vehicles will be on display.  Exhibits include Land Rovers, trucks, ambulances, jeeps and tanks.

Miniature Steam Engines

See an array of miniature steam engines – some built from scratch and some built from kits.  Enjoy their arena parades or see them in the static display.

Trade Stands

Wander around a wide variety of trade stands from clothing, workwear, footwear, garden furniture, tool stalls, toys, jewellery, fine foods, pet supplies and many more.

Autojumble and Antiques/Collectables

Browse the autojumble to find a whole host of things you didn’t know you wanted or needed.  Find that missing item or parts/spares that you cannot find anywhere else!

There will also be antique and collectables stalls at the event.

Crafts Marquee with demonstrations

A wide variety of hand made crafts on sale.  Organised by Dave Harrison of Kingfisher Craft Fairs.  To book a table please call 07778 473404, email: or visit:

Vintage Fairground

A visit to the vintage fairground is a must for all the family.  Rides and activities to suit everyone – some good old-fashioned entertainment.

Children's Corner (Inflatables, Trampolines Etc)

Children’s corner will include some/all of the following attractions: inflatables and bungee trampolines.  

Please contact Outdoor Shows if you require confirmation.

Fine Food Marquee

A wide variety of produce on sale.  Organised by Dave Harrison of Kingfisher Craft Fairs.  To book a table please call 07778 473404, email: or visit:

Arena Timetables

Main Arena Timetable SATURDAY

Commentator: Ivan Ash

Please note: Timetable subject to ground conditions

Main Arena Timetable SUNDAY

Commentator: Ivan Ash

Please note: Timetable subject to ground conditions


Please note: Timetable subject to ground conditions

Arena 2 Timetable SUNDAY

Please note: Timetable subject to ground conditions

Licensed Bar and Various Catering Outlets

The licensed bar will be open for the duration of the event, plus additional times on Friday and Saturday night for traders, exhibitors and onsite campers.

The licensed bar is in a large marquee overlooking the arena with ample seating and tables and there will be live music performances on stage on Friday and Saturday night.

Catering units will be onsite selling a good variety of hot and cold food and drinks to suit all the family.

Evening Entertainment for Public Campers and Exhibitors


Public Camping from Friday until Monday

Available for Tents, Trailer Tents, Caravans and Motorhomes.  Camping must be prebooked.



Gates open  9am – 5pm (Saturday)
Gates open 9am – 5pm (Sunday)


Dogs welcome on a lead


Tickets are available to coach tour operators at a 40% DISCOUNTED PRICE on a pre-booked basis. Minimum 16 tickets per booking. Onsite parking is available to coaches that have pre-booked. Up to two drivers per coach will gain free entry to the event.

Download your application form by clicking on the PDF icon


Mobility Scooters are available to hire on a daily or weekend hire basis.

For reservations please contact Professional Mobility, Freephone: 0800 6335711 or on mobile (especially on show days) 07989 680034.

LOCATION: Astle Park, Chelford, Cheshire, SK11 9AD



Early Bird Ticket Prices (available until 10 days prior to the event):

Adults £10
Over 65s £8
Under 16s £5
Under 5s FREE
Family Ticket  (2 adults + 3 under 16s) £25


Ticket Prices (available from 10 days prior to the event and on the day):

Adults £12
Over 65s £10
Under 16s £6
Under 5s FREE
Family Ticket (2 adults + 3 under 16s) £30

Please note at some of our shows tickets are checked and/or sold when you arrive at the venue whilst still in your car (prior to parking).  Therefore can you either have your tickets or payment method ready when you arrive at the venue.




You can pre-book your site for the weekend and full unlimited access to the event for up to 2 adults and 3 under 16s. You can arrive from lunchtime the day before the event and stay until the day after the event finishes.

There is Water, Toilets, Elsan Point and pre-booked electric hook-up on the camping area.

Closing Date for Online Applications: 24/05/24 or until all camping sites are sold. (Please note there are a limited number of pitches, the event may sell out before this date).



Although our online caravan & camping booking system is safe and secure, some people prefer to book by post. If you wish to book via a postal application, please download the form by clicking on the PDF logo below.

Closing Date for Postal Applications: 29/04/24


Click the icon to download the Caravan & Camping Postal Application Form.




From car dealers to agricultural stands, garden furniture to tool stands, clothing to footwear, there will be a wide variety of trade stands at the event.

All stand space is 12 metres deep.  You can camp on your pitch if you wish.  Please ensure you book enough space to accommodate your stand, vehicle and any form of accommodation.

The sale of hot food, alcohol to be consumed onsite, sweets and ice cream is not permitted as trading concessions are already in place for this event.

Online Booking Deadline: 24/05/24


Although our online trade booking system is safe and secure, some people prefer to book by post. If you wish to book via a postal application, please download the form by clicking on the PDF logo below.

Postal Booking Deadline: 10/05/24


Click the icon to download the Trade Postal Application Form.




VINTAGE & Classic Car

For an Entry Form contact:
Lydia Wisuasti
Tel: 07398 068999

or click on pdf icon above to download application form


For an Entry Form contact:
Clive and Lorna Allman
Tel: 07773 948472
or email:


For an Entry Form contact:
Mr P Bourne
Tel: 07788 801239
or email:


For an Entry Form contact:
Ian Burman
Tel: 07778 147643
or email:


For an Entry Form contact:
Ray Hurdus
Tel: 07802 783869
or email:



For an Entry Form contact:
Outdoor Shows Ltd
Tel: 01751 200839
or click on the PDF icon above to download an application form