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Whitby War Weekend Cancelled

26th 27th 28th August 2023

Next to Whitby Abbey, Hawsker Lane, Whitby, YO22 4JR


Let us take you back through the ages to experience the sights and sounds from 5th century BC through to WW2, featuring re-enactments portraying the clashing swords of the Vikings and the musket shots and bugles of the American Civil War amongst others.  Learn about the profound impacts on both European and World history through a whole host of scenarios covering some of the most significant periods of combat.

Join our action-packed days incorporating scenarios in two arenas, living history displays exhibiting both genuine and replica equipment; weapons, military vehicles, uniforms etc.  Visit specialist and general trade stands, see firing displays, sword fighting, have a go at axe throwing and/or archery and experience the thrill of a ride in an armoured tank.

The event will also feature singers showcasing music throughout the ages (they will also be performing in the evenings for those staying onsite), various catering outlets to suit all the family and a licensed bar with stage for live performances.  This truly is a festival of commemoration and an opportunity for the whole family to immerse themselves in the sights and sounds of history.


Battle Re-enactments

Two action-packed arenas featuring various historical re-enactment groups, each showcasing their very own portrayal of various key areas of combat over the years. These convey an authentic and unique insight into some of the world’s most prominent conflicts.

Living History Displays

Living history displays and encampments exhibiting both genuine and replica equipment, weapons, military vehicles, uniforms etc. 

Over 12 re-enactment groups will be providing displays, portraying different aspects of war through the ages.  These will be authentic, informative and educational to give greater insight into the conflicts of war from the viewpoint of all those involved.

Northern World War 2 Association


Established in 2005 the Northern World War 2 Association is an organisation that unites a variety of 1940’s living history and re-enactment groups. Each group portrays a different aspect of the second world war and by linking these individual groups into a single association our aim is to try to give visitors a feel for what it was like to live through one of the largest and bloodiest conflicts in human history. Using authentic living history encampments displaying a mixture genuine and replica equipment, weapons, vehicles, uniforms, and by incorporating firing displays and battle re-enactments we try to inform, educate and help people understand the conflict from the viewpoint of a variety of allied and axis, military and civilian organisations.

Our allied groups include….
The Duke of Wellington’s Regt.

Your first thoughts may be scarlet tunics and squares at Waterloo, but during the second world war ‘The Dukes’ saw action at Dunkirk and took part in the North West Europe, North Africa, Italy and Burma campaigns.

6th Airborne Division

With their iconic wings, “Winged Pegasus” patch and coveted Maroon Beret.

Fox Commando

A Royal Navy Beach Commando HQ which could have been found on any invasion beach from D-day to crossing of the Rhine.

61st Reconnaissance Regiment Living History Group

61st Recce the spearhead of 50th Division portrayed during the period of WW2 from D Day to the Ardennes. The aim is to show what these troops endured to remember their sacrifices and honour their memory.

Y Troop – No. 47 (Royal Marine) Commando

Part of the Royal Marine 4th Special Service Brigade, 47 Royal Marine Commandos LHG cover the period 1943-1945 depicting Marines who took part in the Normandy Landings and the liberation of Europe.

The Soviet 13 Guards Rifle Division

Recreate the men and women of the Red Army who fought what is still referred to as the Great Patriotic War.

The Soviet 699 Field Hospital

Providing an impression of a Soviet field hospital unit from Stalingrad to Berlin. Most field hospitals were tented so they could be moved easily and would be manned by a few trained medical staff and nurses with rudimentary training. Each field hospital would have had a small detachment of armed troops for its defence.

101st Airborne (502nd PIR) & Charlie Company of the 2nd US Rangers

Activated 16 August 1942 during World War II the 101st Airborne Division was renowned for its role in Operation Overlord, Operation Market Garden and its action during the Battle of the Bulge around Bastogne, Belgium. The group also portrays 2nd Ranger battalion and shows the way both units would have functioned during WW2.

101st Airborne (506th PIR)

The ‘Screaming Eagles’ LHG portray a unit acclaimed for its participation in some of the most significant battles of WWII. Pathfinders of 506 PIR led the way for troops with a night drop prior to the D-Day Landings. During Operation Market Garden it was tasked with seizing the Canal Bridges at Zon, then taking Eindhoven, and took part in the tenacious defence of Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge.

The Resistance and Special Operations

Depict the brave men and women who operated in NAZI occupied Europe. We also have 1940’s Civilians and Home Front Auxiliaries (Joint War Organisation).

Our axis groups portray….
1./ Kompanie Panzer Grenadier Division Großdeutschland

Portrayed as they would have appeared in the late stages of world war two on the Ostfront. To give a fuller and more rounded impression of the Regiment the group includes GD Feldgendarmerie, a GD Kriegsberichter and a Helferin section (Female Auxiliaries) the role would not have made the ladies members of  the Großdeutschland Division but would have seen them working alongside various German units in supporting roles.

4./ Kompanie 1 Battalion Großdeutschland

An elite division within the regular German army, they served almost exclusively on the Russian front, this groups impression is of the front-line combat soldiers of the Eastern front complete with Sd.Kfz. 251 Auf-C half-track. 

352. / Infantry Division 916./ Grenadier Regt. II Battallion 6./ Kompanie 

A unit of the German Heer formed in France November 1943. The division defended Omaha Beach on D-Day and was commanded by Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes mit Eichenlaub holde Generalleutnant Dietrich Kraiss until its destruction in July 1944.

4./ Kompanie of the 1./ battalion, 1. /Fallschirmjäger Division

The first paratroopers to be committed in large-scale airborne operations. They came to be known as the “green devils” by the Allied forces they fought against.

Trupp 200 (mot) Feldgendarmerie

Motorised Field Police unit for the 21st Panzer division whose job included keeping order among the German troops.

21./ Panzer Division

Originally part of Rommels Afrikakorps, this group portrays a later incarnation that was stationed in France. On D-Day they were thrown into action against the allies, the only Panzer unit to do so on the 1st day of the attack, 6th June 1944.

DRK or Deutsche Rote Kreuz

Our German Red Cross group has recently decided to broaden its appeal. It is now the group to take a look at if you are especially interested in re-enacting Axis medical personnel from Nurses to Field Surgeons and Field Medics. As can be seen from the above outline the Northern World War Two Association is a large group made up of like-minded re-enactors. All of whom who have a genuine interest in the history of the second world war however we would like to point out as an association…

  • We are a non-political organisation 
  • We do not advocate, promote or tolerate any extreme political views held by any of the actual units which our organisation portray 
  • We do not accept members who may hold those or similar views
  • We do not portray any SS Gestapo or other extreme Nazi units
The American Civil War Society

The American Civil War (ACW) was the first modern war. It had a profound effect not only on the USA, but also on the course of subsequent European and World History. Vast numbers of Europeans, especially people from Britain were involved. The war had many firsts, including the first practical use of machine guns, repeating rifles, ironclad ships, modern trench systems, torpedoes, telegraphy, balloons, railroads, and photography.

The American Civil War Society offers the opportunity to experience living history in the form of re-enactments of battles, camps and events of the period. 

The American Civil War Society is the largest ACW Society in Britain, with a membership of over eight hundred from all over the country. We recreate and portray the life and battles of this conflict (1861-1865). With as much authenticity as is possible in these modern times, we recreate army camps of the period with living history camp life and drill sessions. Using canvas tents, costumes of the period and open wood cooking fires, the public can get a taste of what life was like for those soldiers and their families in 1860s America. 

Throughout the weekend members of public can walk through the lines of both armies, talk to the soldiers and see how soldiers from the era lived in the times of war. With authentic camps, cooking and drilling throughout the weekend. There will be drilling scenarios for children who will be enlisted. At one point each day there will be a significant engagement between the armies on the main arena battlefield. 

Owl Adventures Falconry and Mobile Zoo

See amazing flying shows and static displays featuring majestic birds of prey.

Their interactive performance is unique and packed with expertise, showmanship and laughter creating an unmissable show.

Also visit the Jungle Animal Encounter to see exotic creatures and hold creepy millipedes and scaly lizards amongst other jungle critters!

Gladiators – Historical Living Company
24th Virginia CoA
The Jacobite Rebellion - Lace Wars
Voyages of Discovery
Spanish Civil War – La Columna
American War Of Independence - 47th Foot
Medieval - Vanguard
WW2 - No. 14 Bomb Disposal
Napoleonic - First French Grenadiers
WW2 – Piechota
Western And American Indian Wars – Lonestar
WW2 – Kampgruppe Nord
WW1 - 1914 - 1918 Manchester Regiment
WW2 - Two World Wars
Zulu War – ACA Living History Group Rorke’s Drift
WW2 - 13th - 18th Hussars Heritage Association
WW2 - Command Post
WW2 Vehicles

Trupp 200 Stugg

Trupp 200 222 Armoured Car

Trupp 200 223 Armoured Car

Knights of Monymusk

This re-enactment group brings an exciting mix of:

Tents and stalls with demonstrations of medieval crafts and skills, including a ‘crime and punishment’ display and medieval musical instruments.

Medieval armoured combat with a variety of weapons – including one-on-one fights in a tournament structure, team battles and other organised conflicts.

A demonstration of medieval battle-tactics using pikes (this method of combat was particularly influential at historical battles such as Bannockburn).

Also offering ‘Have-a-go’ archery and ‘The Children’s Army’ which is a real crowd-pleaser with children being recruited from the onlookers and provided with foam weapons to defend themselves from the knights in the arena.

Gertrude Bell & T E Lawrence Archeology Dig
Tank Rides

Coming back for another year are Challenger Experience Days with their Alvis Spartans for tank rides. A full 10 tonnes of British armoured vehicle for visitors to the show to enjoy a run round the showground in. A full 250 BHP, 6 litre turbodiesel engine propels these beasts to over 40 mph with ease, we’ll give you a proper army spec helmet, some army spec ear defenders and put you in the back to show you what they’re capable of! £10 for Adults, £5 for children under 16.

Military Vehicles

Come and see a varied static display of military vehicles including Willys Jeeps, Dodge WKD trucks, Unimogs, an REO M35 A2 troop carrier wagon and many more, of which some will be taking part in the action taking place in the arena.

Period/Civilian Vehicles

Wander around a line-up of pre-1950 period and civilian vehicles including Morris, ERF, Bedford, Rover, MG and others.

Event Timetable



Please check website 7 days prior to event for up-to-date information

Afternoon Musical Entertainment

To be confirmed

Catering and Licensed Bar

The licensed bar is in a marquee adjacent to the large battle re-enactment arena.  There are plenty of tables and chairs, so enjoy your refreshments throughout the weekend while enjoying the action-packed activities.

There will also be a stage with a variety of entertainment taking place throughout the day and, for those staying onsite, Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings.

There will be a good selection of caterers onsite selling a wide range of food and drink to suit all tastes.

Evening Entertainment for Public Campers and Exhibitors

To be confirmed

Public Camping from Thursday until Tuesday

Available for Tents, Trailer Tents, Campervans, Caravans and Motorhomes.

Camping must be pre-booked.

Plots will be available from midday Thursday 24th August until 10am Tuesday 29th August with rates being reduced when multiple nights are booked,

Facilities include: Toilets, Elsan Points, Water and, if pre-booked, 10amp electric hook-up.

Other Attractions include AIR RIFLES, Axe Throwing, Archery, Trade Stands, Militaria, Antiques and Collectables



Gates open 10am – 5pm (Saturday)
Gates open 10am – 5pm (Sunday)
Gates open 10am – 4pm (Monday)


Dogs welcome on a lead


Tickets are available to coach tour operators at a 40% DISCOUNTED PRICE on a pre-booked basis. Minimum 16 tickets per booking. Onsite parking is available to coaches that have pre-booked. Up to two drivers per coach will gain free entry to the event.

To book please email:

Download your application form by clicking on the PDF icon


Mobility Scooters are available to hire on a daily or weekend hire basis.

For reservations please contact Professional Mobility, Freephone: 0800 6335711 or on mobile (especially on show days) 07989 680034.

LOCATION: Next to Whitby Abbey, Hawsker Lane, Whitby, YO22 4JR



Early Bird Ticket Prices (available until 10 days prior to the event):


Adults £8
Over 65s £7
Under 16s £4
Under 5s FREE

Family Ticket (2 adults + up to 3 under 16s) £20


Ticket Prices (available from 10 days prior to the event and on the day):


Adults £10
Over 65s £8
Under 16s £5
Under 5s FREE
Family Ticket (2 adults + up to 3 under 16s) £25

Please note at some of our shows tickets are checked and/or sold when you arrive at the venue whilst still in your car (prior to parking).  Therefore can you either have your tickets or payment method ready when you arrive at the venue.




26th 27th 28th August 2023

Next to Whitby Abbey, Hawsker Lane, Whitby, YO22 4JR



Available for Tents, Trailer Tents, Campervans, Caravans and Motorhomes.

You can pre-book your site for the weekend and full unlimited access to the event for up to 2 adults and 3 under 16s. You can arrive from Midday on Thursday 24th August and stay until 10am on Tuesday 29th August with rates being reduced when multiple nights are booked,

There is Water, Toilets, Elsan Point and (if booked) electric hook-up on the camping area (electric only available for bookings of 3 or more nights).

Closing Date for Online Applications: 23/08/2023.



Although our online caravan & camping booking system is safe and secure, some people prefer to book by post. If you wish to book via a postal application, please download the form by clicking on the PDF logo below.

Closing Date for Postal Applications: 29/04/2023.

Click the icon to download the Caravan & Camping Postal Application Form.


26th 27th 28th August 2023

Next to Whitby Abbey, Hawsker Lane, Whitby, YO22 4JR




OUTDOOR TRADE SPACE (minimum frontage 4 metres, all stands 12 metres depth)
metres @ £24 per metre frontage:

MILITARIA / ANTIQUES / COLLECTABLES (NO new Goods, plots 8 metres x 12 metres)
plot(s) @ £100 per plot:

POWER (Optional)
Power, provided constantly by the onsite generators, will be available from 1pm the day before the event until 4pm on the last day of the event.
16 amp = £65    |    32 amp = £85

Online Booking Deadline: 18/08/2023



Postal Booking Deadline: 04/08/2023

Although our online trade booking system is safe and secure, some people prefer to book by post. If you wish to book via a postal application, please download the form by clicking on the PDF logo below.


Click the icon to download the Trade Postal Application Form.


26th 27th 28th August 2023

Next to Whitby Abbey, Hawsker Lane, Whitby, YO22 4JR


VINTAGE & Classic Car

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For an Entry Form contact:
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Classic Motorcycle
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